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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

One Day til Tourney Time

We've got one day until the Madness begins. Still going back and forth between Wake and Gonzaga in the Albuquerque region. I like both teams a lot this year and if that game takes place it would be unbelievable to watch. I started out with Wake but I am leaning towards the Zags now because they have as much big game experience as anyone this year already having defeated Georgia Tech, Washington and Oklahoma St. this year. Turiaf is a monster inside and Morrison can take you off the dribble or with his J. So my Final Four is now amended to include Syracuse, North Carolina, Oklahoma St. and Gonzaga.

The Lakers, after looking like they were gonna get a run together have another bad loss, last night to the Sixers, this team is too inconsisent to get anything done and I still stand by the fact that they would be better off getting some lottery help this year.

Michigan Hockey swept Notre Dame over the weekend and is now on to the Super 6. Friday's game wasn't on TV but it was ridiculous as we won 10-1. Saturday was exciting as ND's goalie was standing on his head as I caught the 3rd period and overtime. This is the year we make our run at another NC to make an even 10 for the program. Montoya is starting to get his shit together and I think we'll be all right. Brackets for hockey will be out on Sunday I believe so hopefully we can stay in Grand Rapids, which it looks like will happen as a #2 seed. Go Blue!


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