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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Big Wednesday

Norm Chow is now gone from USC, great news for the rest of college football and for me since I can't stand all these fake ass USC "fans" that popped out of nowhere the past few years, damn the bandwagon mentality in LA. The better news is that Matt Leinart may enter the supplemental draft because of this meaning SC would have worry about QB along with their losses at DL, although they shouldn't have much trouble this year since they're still so loaded. We'll see how much effect that Norm had on the offense and if it was really him or Coach Carroll as he claims. There's a lot of reports that Carroll wanted Chow out, but I bet he's gonna regret this move.

Also the 2nd best rivalry in all of sports behind Michigan-Ohio State takes place tonight as North Carolina travels to Duke. North Carolina is my next favorite school after Michigan and Duke is on the list of things I hate right above dry heaving and right below getting beat by a 2 outer on the river. Let's Go Carolina beat the crap out of those stupid dookies.


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