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Friday, March 30, 2007

The coaching search narrows

according to the Ann Arbor News, to John Beilein, Kevin Stallings and Chris Lowery. MGoBlog is all for Beilein, while Maize N Brew isn't necessarily opposed to Beilein but doesn't believe he's the best man for the job. Initially I had my top three realistic candidates in Tony Bennett, Chris Lowery and Lon Kruger. But after reading about Beilein I was sold on him. My only concern, as many other had, was the fact that Michigan was not actively going after a lot of other top names but apparently they did behind the scenes. According to the Spokesman Review, Michigan contacted Tony Bennett's agent and "was especially vigorous in its pursuit of Bennett."

In addition there was a rumor on the radio that there is a big name mystery candidate that is in the mix. Who that is we can only guess. I wouldn't be upset with Beilein or Lowery but one guy I do not want is Kevin Stallings. One of my best friends is a Vanderbilt alum and he was shocked that we would even consider him for the job. That's good enough for me, but there are also numerous reports online that he has problems with his players and that there was almost a player revolt against him this season. Take that FWIW but if a large group of Vandy's fans wouldn't mind him gone then I don't want him at Michigan. With the Final Four this weekend the coach should be in place after this weekend. Then the coach can work on making sure that this year's recruiting class stay in tact.

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