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Thursday, March 15, 2007

It's here, my March Madness picks

March Madness begins today and here's my chance once again to look like a genius or an idiot. I'll break down key picks by region.

Midwest: Davidson over Maryland and Winthrop over Notre Dame, Oregon over Wisconsin in the Sweet Sixteen and Florida over Oregon to win this region.

West: VCU over Duke, Gonzaga over Indiana, UCLA over Kansas to win the region.

East: Vanderbilt to the Sweet 16, Texas over North Carolina and also over Georgetown to win the region.

South: Long Beach State over Tennessee, Creighton over Nevada, Texas A&M over Memphis and Ohio State to win the region.

So my final four will be Florida-UCLA and Texas-Texas A&M, I like UCLA and Texas in the Final with UCLA coming out on top. No updates this weekend as I'm heading to Vegas to partake in all the fun that is the NCAA Tournament in the Sin City. For those that haven't been to Vegas during the tournament, I highly recommend it, it's definitely the most fun I have when I go to Vegas.



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