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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Now only a couple days away

Another Selection Sunday has come and gone and Michigan is nowhere to be seen. Of course it's not like it was a surprise. So now we'll see Michigan make another run in the NIT where nowhere cares, even if they win it again. The Wolverines will start the NIT with a home game against Utah State on Tuesday. I wish I could not care about it but it's still Michigan so I'll still want to know what happened.

The real madness will begin on Thursday. In what is becoming a yearly tradition I'll be making my way to Vegas for the weekend. The East Region is ridiculous. Carolina, Georgetown and Texas could win it all and they're in the same region. I don't see depth like that in any other regions. With Brian Butch out for Wisconsin I can't see anyone in the Midwest region beating Florida, they probably have the easiest route to Atlanta. Now I don't want to divulge all my picks while some of my friends in the same pools can take my picks so I'll have those up on Thursday morning after the games start.

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