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Thursday, March 08, 2007

How many second chances will we get?

Thankfully March Madness is close because I can't stand watching the terrible play of the Lakers lately. Michigan got the W, albeit in an extremely ugly, sloppy game and now sets up another showdown with Ohio State which could give us the boost we need to make it to the NCAA Tournament. Thanks to ESPN360 I was able to watch the game at work. I still can't believe that the team shot 27%, had less than 49 points and proceeded to win the game. I'm not sure if they would have beat any other team in the conference aside from Minnesota with that type of performance.

On the positive side, granted it may not be all due to the Michigan defense, but Minnesota's 40 points is the new low in a Big Ten Tournament game. This team showed that it can hang with Ohio State on Saturday, but it was not able to make the plays down the stretch to seal the deal. I can only hope that we are in a similar position tomorrow but somehow find ways to get it done. Once again, tomorrow is the season, a win and we would be looking very good for an NCAA bid, although some Michigan fans don't want to see it so Coach Amaker is fired. But regardless of what happens he will be with us for another season so you might as well root for your team. The positive sign of the day? Minnesota has lost to the eventual Big Ten Tournament Champion the last 3 seasons, let's hope we can make it 4.

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