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Friday, March 23, 2007

Don't Hate Kobe Hate The Game

That's the back of a shirt I bought in front of Staples Center a year or two ago, and of the knockoff shirts they sell in front of Staples it is by far my favorite one because the phrase sums it up. Kobe had his 3rd straight game scoring 50 or more, to bring his total to 175 in those three games. More importantly the Lakers are 3-0 during this run.

Going to school in Michigan I came across a lot of Kobe haters during my time there. As I wrote last year, no matter what he does people will hate on Kobe. He goes on a scoring tear like the one he's on now, he's a ballhog. He tries to gets his team involved by passing up shots and setting up his teammates he should shoot more. Now I understand that people's opinions won't change based upon my arguments, I know as there are certain athletes/teams I feel the same way about, but it doesn't mean I'm not gonna try. It's a battle I'll fight until the day Kobe wins a championship or retires without another one. I feel his talent is too much to not win a championship as the leading character and I hope I'm right.

The Lakers hope to continue their streak tonight at New Orleans/Oklahoma City and we'll see if Kobe can keep the streak going. As of right now I don't know how people can fault Kobe for going on this scoring tear. There's no one else on this team that can consistently put up points. Lamar and Luke are back but are coming off injury so they can't be depended on a consistent basis and as John Ireland said this morning on the radio "Would you rather have Kobe shoot a 20 footer contested by two guys or Kwame Brown shooting an open 15 footer?" I think we all know the answer to that question. So when all the haters keep talking junk just remember to tell them:

Don't Hate Kobe, Hate The Game



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