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Monday, March 26, 2007

Football Update

March Madness and Kobe's streak have taken over the past two weeks but there's a lot of news on the football front that needs to be addressed. First was the official announcement that Carson Butler, Eugene Germany and Chris Richards have been kicked off the team. It's not a surprise considering Butler and Germany were already skating on thin ice and then went out and beat up a random student, and got caught with weed, respectively. Richards got put into this trio as he was the one that started the fight that Butler got involved in. You would think that these guys would know better considering they have probably been told numerous times as football players at Michigan they are under the spotlight and need to watch what they do.

For Richards and Germany, their losses aren't that big of a deal. Sure it would have been nice for depth and Germany did even play a bit last year but there is enough depth at their positions that it won't make a difference. Butler on the other hand could be a huge loss. He was supposed to break out last year but he couldn't keep track of the snap count. There is not much depth at TE and it just got smaller. Andre Criswell's move to TE makes more sense now. Also it means that Martell Webb and Steve Watson have a chance to come in and earn some immediate PT.

The losses don't end there as Jason Forcier will be transferring to Stanford. First reported on MGoBlog last night. Forcier was expected to compete for the backup job with Ryan Mallett but now it most likely means Mallett will be the backup and get some run this season. Sure I would've liked to see Mallett redshirt but getting some game experience will be valuable and make him ready to take over in 08. Also maybe this could make the depth chart look more attractive for this upcoming recruiting class. Football can't come soon enough.

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