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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Wow, and I don't mean that in a good way

With so much to do at work today I wasn't planning on putting up a post even after attending the great 4-2 Dodger victory which made it 11 in a row, but the news that just broke was too big not to comment on and no I'm not talking about the latest trouble that Maurice Clarrett has gotten into. Two major targets for Michigan football have committed elsewhere. Normally this does not cause this much panic and commotion among Michigan fans but when they are two players at a position of need, that are from the state and play for a program that has been a pipeline to Michigan over the years, there will be some concern or even panic among fans. This is the current situation as Dionte Allen and Taurian Washington of Orchard Lake St. Mary's have both committed elsewhere, Allen to Florida State and Washington to Ohio State.

The Dionte Allen commitment is definitely the more shocking of the two as he plays a definite position of need where the depth chart is wide open for him to step into and he has decided to play elsewhere. Whenever reports surfaced about Allen there would always be mention about how he was already actively recruiting other prospects for Michigan and when all the other current committed players were asked which player they thought would be next to commit, the consensus answer was Allen. His commitment to Florida State definitely hurts but at least it has happened early enough that we can focus our attention to the other highly rated prospects out there that the coaches may not have been focusing on as much since it was assumed that we were in great shape for Allen as well as Ronald Johnson, another in-state CB who now becomes as close to a must have in a recruiting class you will see. There are a number of other CB's out there, especially out here in California, that the coaches have had on their radar and I would bet their efforts will be increased out here in the next few months. Donovan Warren, from Long Beach Poly, and Michael Williams from St. Bonaventure will probably be the first two the coaches are on.

With Washington, on the other hand, we had heard rumors a few weeks back that he had committed to Ohio State, which he immediately denied. I guess grandma just released it earlier than she was supposed to. WR is not as pressing of a need as CB and we are very high on the list for a couple of others that are just as highly rated as Washington. This list includes Junior Hemingway from South Carolina and Toney Clemons, Steve Breaston's cousin, from Pennsylvania. If we can land both of them, along with current commitment James Rogers, Michigan should be ok to go for this class.

I can't really fault Dionte for wanting to go to Florida State since he had stated all along that the Seminoles were his childhood favorite. Granted, in recruiting that doesn't matter as much as one thinks it would since I can remember a number of players stating that they grew up rooting for Michigan and ended up going elsewhere. But maybe that's different for Florida State, if you remember a few years back Lorenzo Booker was highly recruited out of California and was close to going to USC or Notre Dame, but at his press conference he said at the last minute he had to go where he had wanted to since he was a kid and that was Florida State. I understand the childhood favorite draw as it happened for me as well. I had grown up wanting to go to Michigan ever since I was a little kid and when the opportunity presented itself to me I had to take it. I wish them all the best, except when they play Michigan.


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