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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Rhett Bomar dismissed

ESPN.com is reporting that Rhett Bomar has been dismissed from the Oklahoma Sooners. This is huge news as Bomar had gone through his growing pains and was expected to lead an Oklahoma team with some high expectations. I had the Sooners in my early top 5 and this will definitely impact their situation this year. After a rough year many were looking at Oklahoma as a player in this years national championship race but it looks as though that will not be the case anymore. It does open the door for Texas to walk through the Big XII and possibly repeat as NC.

I have to give credit to Oklahoma Coach Bob Stoops and their administration in Norman for trying to run a clean program. Supposedly it has to do with extra benefits as Bomar received money for work he did not do and it takes a lot to dismiss your starting QB over something like this. As I read from a comment from Nestor who runs Bruins Nation over on Burnt Orange Nation:
"At USC They would have simply made him repay the money and Carroll would keep insisting 'he will not miss a game.'"
This pretty much ends the season for Oklahoma since they have no depth or experience at QB and as great as Adrian Peterson is, he'll need to have at least a threat of a passing attack to prevent the defenses from crowding the box against him. We'll see how the story develops, if there's anything to add I'll have it up later along with my take on the East Coast Bias debate that's going on in the blogsphere.


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