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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Only 39 days left

We're closing in on one month until college football season and I've been stuck in no-man's land as to what to cover since the Lakers have most likely, although hopefully not, finished with their offseason moves, the Dodgers in a ridiculous slide where they can't seem to win a single game and I don't want to start previewing this Michigan team yet for fear of getting myself worked up too early for the season. Luckily not everyone is in my boat as there's plenty of great stuff out there to read.

Starting with The Realests who came up with their All-Name team for this season and it's a good one. Although it does not include Michigan RB Mister Simpson it is a very good list, my other favorites would have to be Vincent Chase TE from SMU and LeQuantum McDonald from Baylor.

In other college football news Texas RB Ramonce Taylor will transfer. He had run into problems on and off the field and there was some talk that he may not be allowed back on the team but those questions won't have to be answered as he will be leaving Austin. I doubt it will have that much impact on the Longhorns as they still have Jamaal Charles, Selvin Young and Henry Melton not to mention incoming freshman Vondrell McGee. I've seen some of McGee's clips on YouTube and he looks like a player.

After a few weeks ago when supposedly O.J. Mayo committed to USC some people started referring to the USC basketball program as a sleeping giant that was awakening but that talk may have been premature as UCLA has landed Kevin Love considered the #1 post player in the country for the 2007 class, and some services have him ranked as the #2 player behind Mayo. UCLA who returns the majority of their NCAA Final team from last year looks to be the real power to be reckoned with. Next year they will be highly ranked and throw Love in the mix the year after and it looks like the Bruins are back among the elite.

Finally I came upon a very interesting bit of information while reading EDSBS's latest installment of their college football viewing guide which covers Week 3. There are a number of big games that day which include another Bowden Bowl, Clemson at Florida State, an interesting intersectional game, one I wish both teams could somehow lose in Nebraska at USC and Florida at Tennessee. But the extremely disappointing thing to read was that the three big games of the day are all at the same time. Miami at Louisville, LSU at Auburn and Michigan at Notre Dame will all start at 12:30 pm, Pacific Time that is. Now I don't have a multi-TV setup but this could be the best reason I would ever need to get one. I'm starting to get way too excited just thinking about these games already, September can't get here soon enough.


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