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Friday, July 28, 2006

All over the place

Got a bunch of random stuff to go over today and we'll start with NFL news as training camps start to open across the country. Starting with my squad the Oakland Raiders the news isn't that great to begin since Jerry Porter has demanded a trade. It is unfortunate to hear considering Porter's talent and he could have a great year since there's so much attention paid to Randy Moss but if he really wants out I would rather not have him on the team. We shall see what happens though as Porter has demanded a trade from the Raiders in the past and nothing came of it, hopefully he will get on the same page as Coach Shell and the Silver and Black can have a successful season.

The Raiders got their first round pick Michael Huff signed and in came on time as did Vince Young, who got a ridiculous contract and Vernon Davis who is now the highest paid TE in the league without playing a single game. It is extremely important for Vince to get into camp on time as he has more to learn playing in a pro style offense than other QB's so it is good to see him in. There are still quite a few other first round picks that have yet to sign but the one negotiation everyone will be watching is that of Reggie Bush. There had been early rumors that he was willing to sit out the entire 2006 season if he didn't get the deal he wanted but I highly doubt that will happen. I do expect an extended holdout especially considering the deal that Vince Young got yesterday. Bush's people wanted more than Mario Williams and with VY's deal possibly being bigger than that I expect the Bush camp to up their demands.

Turning our attention to one of my other favorite subjects is some album reviews. I had been waiting for anything half decent to come out since there was nothing worth buying lately and finally I came across some pretty good albums. First is is the Miri Ben Ari album, which I picked up from yourmusic.com with their $5.99 for any CD deal, entitled The Hip-Hop Violinist. I first saw Miri on Showtime at the Apollo back in the day as she played her violin along with some hip-hop classics and it sounded real dope. I've always been a fan of good hip-hop beats with classical music influences so I figured this would be right up my alley. As expected with most albums nowadays it has its high and its low moments but overall it's a solid CD. She does have a lot of heavy hitters on her album as Kanye West, Scarface, Anthony Hamilton, Fabolous are among the guest appearances. It's definitely worth a listen, my favorite track would have to be "Sunshine to the Rain" which features Scarface and Anthony Hamilton. I'd recommend to download some tracks to see if you feel this style, but for me it's now in my regular rotation.

The next CD was the long awaited debut of Rhymefest. Another decent but not spectacular album. "Brand New" had been out for a long time and it's an ok track that didn't blow up but it's catchy and will get stuck in your head and it doesn't hurt to have Kanye on there. Highlights of the album include "Dynomite," "Devil's Pie" and "Bullet." Those tracks are worth downloading to see if you'd like the rest of the album. Overall it's ok, but I would be hesitant to recommend people to go out and buy it, I'd say just download those tracks and go from there.

Finally there is the new Jurassic 5 album that just dropped this past Tuesday entitled Feedback. I've only been able to listen to it all the way through once but it sounds pretty good so far. But who knows since 99% of the stuff that's coming out right now is garbage it could just sound that much better even if it would be average normally. If you like J5 you'll probably want to cop it, especially at the $6.99 price that it sold for at Best Buy.

There's a great post from Badger Sports everyone should check out, especially my favorite part of the post:
The UW System administration saw UW-Milwaukee, with its doctoral status, large size and urban setting, as a place to address the needs of students rejected by UW-Madison. It envisioned turning UW-Milwaukee into a Wisconsin version of Michigan State University or the University of Illinois at Chicago.
Time to head out for the weekend, it's my brothers last weekend in Cali before he embarks on the trek towards Ann Arbor, it's gonna be a wild one.


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