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Friday, July 14, 2006

Back to your regularly scheduled programming

Work's been busy since I got back from Dallas so I'm late to the boat on two of the latest commitments for Michigan, one for basketball and one for football. Also with NBA Draft and free agency almost finished and the World Cup now over it's time to get back towards what we wait for all year long and that's college football. Let's start with basketball commitment as Copperyale "Manny" Harris from Detroit Redford, same HS as Dion Harris, committed to the Wolverines this week. This is a big pickup as he is in the top 50 and rising after his play this summer at the camps. MGoBlog has much more in detail. With Alex Legion's decline in rankings and Manny's rise, it may not turn out to be a bad trade after all considering we no longer have to deal with Legion's shady AAU Coach/father figure Tim Green. The other thing I love about the pickup is every update I ever read about him from camps always mentions his defense which is something that no team can ever have enough of.

On the football side Steve Watson a TE from Colorado has committed to the Maize and Blue. Watson was completely under the radar as no one knew much about him and all of a sudden he became a commitment. Watson is the son of former Denver Bronco WR also named Steve Watson who is currently the Broncos WR coach. He is rated a 3/4 star by Rivals and Scout respectively and the #3 player in Colorado according to Rivals. He had offers from pretty much every single school on the West Coast and considering his pedigree it looks like a great pickup. With Watson and Martell Webb committed as TE's that should close that position for the year.

As the season approaches there's a lot of previews popping up and Dave over at Maize and Brew already has his up for Vanderbilt. One of my best friends went to Vanderbilt so I had been hearing the talk of Jay Cutler before last year and also learned of the greatness of Erik Davis and Earl Bennett, both returning. If Cutler was coming back I would be somewhat concerned about this game but we must remember this is the same Vanderbilt team that cannot beat Middle Tennessee State (0-3 in their last 3 meetings). I can't start thinking about this game too early or I'll get myself too excited too soon. Thanks to MGoBlue I've got seats on the 50 so I'm extra pumped for this game, it'll be my first game at Michigan not in the student section.
I can't wait to get back to AA.


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