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Monday, August 07, 2006

And you think football refs are bad

Watched the Ike Quartey-Vernon Forrest fight on Saturday and I gotta say just when I thought football and basketball refs were bad, but I was reminded why boxing judges are by far the worst as Forrest was given the unanimous decision. I was not alone in thinking Quartey won the fight as the announcers, along with my dad, were just as shocked to see the scorecards as they were announced. Considering Forrest got a point deducted for a low blow, he still won all 3 cards while HBO had it 7-3 for Quartey. I thought it was a close fight back and forth for a while until the 9th when Forrest got a point deducted for a low blow. IMO, that sealed the match for Quartey as he continued to fight and win rounds. Boxing really needs some changes if it wants to get back to where it was back in the day. There is too much corruption with too many sanctioning bodies and "championship" belts to go along with them it's ridiculous. Nobody knows any of the fighters anymore as each sanctioning body has their own rankings which make no sense.

The Dodgers continued their hot streak with a 7-3 win over Florida, their 9th consecutive win and 2nd consecutive road series sweep, 3rd overall. The Blue Crew will go for their 10th straight win tonight as they open a 4 game series with Colorado at home. This is the beginning of a 10 game homestand for the Dodgers. Let's see how long this streak can last, hopefully throughout the weekend as they play the Giants. I'll be heading to Chavez Ravine tomorrow to see Greg Maddux's Dodger Stadium debut, I can't wait.

Media Day just took place for Michigan, signaling the start of practices coming tomorrow. From reports it looks like many players have come back leaner which is good. It will be interesting to read reports during camp about which players are stepping up to earn starting positions especially on the right side of the OL and the second starting CB. Antonio Bass was seen doing some light jogging which is great to hear but it is still unknown if he will ever play again as the test won't be taken for a while. It is also reported that James McKinney will be out for the season which I hadn't heard before. The other bad news regarding the NCAA clearinghouse issue concerns Quinton Woods most likely as he was not at media day. The same thing happened with John Thompson a couple years back, IIRC so hopefully it will get sorted out so he can get out there and practice. Also nothing new to report on the Marques Slocum front, we'll have to wait and see about his appeal. MGoBlog has more details from Media Day, as well as a great offensive recruiting board update. We're only 26 days away from the season opener I can't wait to get to Ann Arbor on the 2nd.


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