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Friday, August 18, 2006

Now we just need some Blue

Marquise Maze of Tarrant HS in Birmingham, AL has become the 11th player to commit to the Michigan Wolverines. Maze's commitment comes out of the blue as I had not even heard anything about him being recruited by the Wolverines. You can read more on him over at MGoBlog and RBUAS and IBFC.

At first it was believed he was a WR recruit which brought confusion to many as we are still waiting on Junior Hemingway, Toney Clemons, and a couple of WR's out here in Cali, but he is listed as an athlete and is being brought in as such. Watching his film I was shocked to see that he was ranked so low. He looks like he has a lot of speed and plenty of moves as well. There is a lot of question as to why the coaches are bringing these low ranked recruits already but I think it has to do with the coaching staff wanting to increase the overall team speed. Adding Maze to James Rogers and Troy Woolfolk gives this class even more speed. There is a demand now for these multi-purpose athletes that can play in the backfield, as a WR, in the slot, wherever to take advantage of their speed and Maze definitely fits that bill. After watching his clips I cannot wait to see Maze suit up in Blue, yeah that was weak but all I could come up with now.

In other big news, thanks to one of my friends, I have secured a ticket to the Notre Dame Game. I was there 4 years ago for the Carlyle Holiday phantom TD and I can't wait to get back there to get that bad taste out of my mouth.


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