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Westsider Rider

Thursday, May 18, 2006

We are all witnesses

Damn, even though I've wanted to stay away from the NBA playoffs after the Lakers choke job these playoffs are just too good to not watch. When I say witnesses sure I mean LeBron but the rest of the games as well. It does pain me not to see the hallway series but the Suns-Clippers has been great as has the Spurs-Mavs. Jones on the NBA echoes my sentiments, just in more detail.
The Suns are creeping up on my list of teams I hate and are making them strong candidates for the top spot. At least with the Spurs they go about their business and I just hate them because they beat the Lakers, the Suns on the other hand have to run their mouths and talk shit when they're just barely beating teams they're supposed to be blowing out. I could go on forever about them and that punk Raja Bell but I'll leave it at that.

The unfortunate aspect of living in California is I haven't been able to watch more of the Pistons-Cavs series as I'm still working when these games get to halftime. As much as I wanted the Cavs to advance I didn't think they had a shot playing against the Pistons but they've definitely shown me otherwise. My boy Mike was trying to tell me he though the Cavs were worse than the Lakers which is why he thought that LeBron was better than Kobe. Granted LeBron is one of my favorite players but he's not at Kobe's level, yet. I know that continuing on this path LeBron will probably go down as one of the best, if not the best to play the game if he keeps going at this rate but the Cavaliers definitely have a much better supporting cast for LeBron than for Kobe. When Eric Snow threw that ball up court to waste more time do you think Smush Parker would have ever thought of something like that? Aside from Lamar I would easily take rest of the Cavs over the Lakers. There's a lot of moves that need to be made for the Lakers, I just hope Mitch Kupchak will get it done.


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