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Monday, April 17, 2006

In Dee Face!!!

I am the Prince of Zamunda

The Lakers continued their winning ways over the weekend as they defeated Portland and Phoenix to take over 7th place in the Western Conference with only one game left to play. The Lake Show controls their own destiny as to whether they will play San Antonio or Phoenix in the first round. Couldn't watch Kobe drop 50 and Lamar pick up his 2nd triple double in a row on Friday as I was working late again but I was in attendance at yesterday's game against the Suns. I've been lucky this year as all my tickets in the PR section up until yesterday as I was back in the 300's where I sit for the majority of the games I've gone to but damn I forgot how high it was up there. But it was still cool as you got the birds eye view of the court and could see the plays unfold. The Lakers jumped out the gate 16-1 and didn't look back. Phoenix cut it to the low teens at one point but the Lakers were in control the entire time.

Which leads me to something I've said before but we are truly witnessing greatness as Kobe is going into his prime. His jumper was off yesterday but he still ended up with 43 points. When he scores 30 points a game we think to ourselves only 30 points? 40 is also a regular occurence, only when he gets over 50 do we start being amazed because we expect Kobe to put up numbers like this every night. With number 8 on our side you can't count the Lakers out in any series because if he catches fire he could singlehandedly win a series, hell maybe two who knows.
50 ppg for a series? You know he could do it

Afterwards I took part in my first ever doubleheader as a fan and headed to Chavez Ravine to watch the Dodgers play the Giants. The game itself wasn't that great. Maybe it was cause I was so tired from the Lakers game and baseball is just so slow at times but it was just ok. The crowd got riled up for Barry Bonds every time and even when he wasn't up to bat the Barry Sucks chants would start out of nowhere. The Dodgers had their chances but could not bring any runs home and ended up dropping the game 2-0. The GW run for the Giants actually came on the balk by Jae Seo. It was pretty stupid on his part as he was pitching a very good game up until that point in the 6th inning. What I didn't understand was Hamulack, I think that's who was pitching at the time, get tossed for hitting Bonds, I did not think that warranted a tossing but I guess the ump saw something we didn't in the stands.

There was a disturbing thing I did see at the game though and that would be the white trash family I saw that put electrical tape on their shirts so the front spelled Barry and the back said Sucks. Now you may ask how that is disturbing but it was because it the kids the parents had brought could not have been older than 10 years old. If I had to guess I would've guessed around 5, 7 and 9 were the ages on the kids. Now I rant and rave about sports and how I hate certain players and teams but there's a point where I draw the line. Yes I may curse at games and start talking shit but if I see an underage child I try to control myself or in cases where I miss them if a parent says something to me I will always apologize and refrain from going off for the rest of that game. It was just classless and it's never something I thought I'd see in Los Angeles. Columbus, Ohio on the other hand it wouldn't shock me at all to see a family like that.
Maybe it's my age or something but I'm starting to become more calm at sporting events but I just can't act like the asshole I did at games unless I'm drunk, which is a rare occurence. Although that side of me is probably just on break right now waiting to return with football season.


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