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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Zen Master Part II Begins

The NBA kicks off today but the Lakers will begin the season tomorrow at Denver followed by the home opener on Thursday versus Phoenix, which I will be attending. I have yet to go to a season opener so I'm definitely gettin excited for it. The Lakers waived Corie Blount today trimming their roster down to the limit of 15. With this last move it means that Laron Profit and Devin Green have both made the team which I am glad to hear. So tomorrow the Lakers starting lineup will probably look like this:

C- Chris Mihm
PF - Kwame Brown
SF - Lamar Odom
SG - Kobe Bryant
PG - Smush Parker

or at least that's what I hope it looks like. As only 12 can make the active roster there must be 3 inactive / NBDL players and with Luke Walton's hamstring injury there's one and probably Sasha Vujacic and Von Wafer will be sent down to the NBDL, hopefully. I'm very excited with Lamar Odom playing some point forward this year allowing him to handle the ball more and I am can't wait to get this season started and shut all the haters up. I expect Kwame to prove his worth with this change of scenery and hopefully we will not hit the injury bug like we did last year. I am excited for the future of this team and this franchise but I am not expecting that much this year. I expect 45 wins or so and a playoff berth in the lower end of the Western Conference. Depending on who we meet I would say we will probably get knocked out of the first round but could get lucky. Right now off the top of my head there are two main things I think will be necessary for success this year and beyond. First is Kwame Brown to show the skills that made him the #1 overall pick in the draft and second is the development of Andrew Bynum. I know a lot of Lakers fans are upset with the pick considering he's very raw and won't contribute for a couple years but I think it was the right pick for the franchise. Yes Kobe's window is closing soon but I believe that we will be ok with Odom and with the cap room that will be opening up in 2007 it will allow us to bring someone else in or take on a big contract to make the team better. I was among those that wanted an NBA ready player such as a Danny Granger for this team but that is just short sighted. As much as people bag on Mitch Kupchak I will give him a chance to see what he can do and hope he won't let me and the rest of Los Angeles down.


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