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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Week 10 Poll

Here's my Power 16 for week 10, decided to move USC back up and Texas down based on their respective performances. Although Texas struggled I still think they are better than Virginia Tech who handled BC pretty easily maybe it was the nasty ass jerseys? Hey it worked for Florida as well. But I'll go on the jersey rant later. Here it is:

1. USC - a dominant performance to put them back up top, you think Snoop agrees with me? Fo shizzle.

2. Texas - I guess they started reading all their press clippings, should get it back together they get Baylor this week.

3. Virginia Tech - Marcus Vick what can I say except for those jerseys are ugly as hell. Still look impressive we shall see how they look after the Hurricanes come to town.

4. Alabama - it was Utah St. and they did not feature Harold "The Show" Arceneaux, whatever happened to him? Heading to Starkville shouldn't be a problem.

5. UCLA - and I thought Michigan was going to give me a heart attack but damn the Bruins keep getting it done. Talk all you want about close games against shitty teams but they're still winning.

6. Miami - had a tough first half versus the Tar Heels but just killed em at the end, definitely the best one loss team in the country and can make a big statement by getting a W against the castrated Turkeys.

7. LSU - North Texas and Appalachian State?? You couldn't schedule the junior high school down the road or something? At least there's Alabama coming up in two weeks.

8. Georgia - I know most will have them slide farther but they almost won without DJ Shockley and they are that good with him in, with the bye coming up they should be ready with him down the stretch run, I expect them to win the SEC.

9. Notre Dame - DNP, Fat Phil and the convicts come to town, get the W say hello to the BCS.

10. Florida State - struggled with Maryland and they barely escaped with a W, Chuck Amato comes to town who knows what will happen.

11. Penn State - Bucky comes in with the winner having the inside track to the Big Ten's BCS bid, I think the Lions will take them down.

12. Ohio State - Bucknuts decide to to start playing in the 2nd half, holy shit I forgot how Fast Ted Ginn was.

13. Florida - was it the weekend of the crazy jerseys getting it done?

14. Oregon - the Ducks are quietly moving on up, just wait until they get their ridiculous looking jerseys in a game and no I am not talking about their highlighter jerseys which are already bad enough.

15. Wisconsin - Brian Calhoun, you're ready to go to the NFL, no need to spend an additional year in the Big Ten.

16. Auburn - time to get revenge on Kentucky for all those brutal beatings on the hardwood.


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