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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Week 4 Poll

Here we go with Week 4:

1. USC - yes 70 points is impressive, no Arkansas is not a real SEC team.

2. Texas - Jamal Charles is stepping up big in place of Selvin Young, this team looks better to me by the day.

3. Georgia - bye week, might as well have been playing La-Monroe

4. Virginia Tech - back to back shutouts and now we get to see the matchup of one of the best corners in the country, Jimmy Williams, against the best WR, IMO, in the country, Calvin Johnson.

5. LSU - another bye week and now we get to see how good they really are as Tennessee comes to town.

6. Florida - the Urban Meyer offense hasn't been as good as advertised, the D has though.

7. Louisville - absolutely demolished Oregon State, playing very well right now making a push, I thought they were overrated but I don't see anyone beating them at this rate.

8. Ohio State - struggled with San Diego State as they have in the past, can't wait to see D's on the field with all the great LB's, Hawk, Greenway, Hodge that will be on the field.

9. Florida State - still getting it done in spite of their offense, it's going to bite them in the ass sooner or later, most likely later with that schedule.

10. Miami - gettin it done against a good Clemson squad, impact freshman of the year so far Kenny Phillips.

11. Arizona State - putting up video game like numbers just like that team they face in 2 weeks.

12. Tennessee - not nearly as good as the hype, now that they've settled on Ainge again should be better, although they got their work cut out for them this week @ LSU.

13. Michigan - positive shutout of a bad team like they should, negative where was this offense the week before? Also can't forget the curse of the road opener which hopefully doesn't haunt us again.

14. UCLA - good win versus Oklahoma, Drew Olson looks very impressive, very underrated IMO.

15. Georgia Tech - will see how good they match up with Va Tech and see how for real they are. Not enough people know about Calvin Johnson, best WR in the country.

16. Purdue - hasn't played anyone yet so it's tough to get a gauge at where they are at, most believe they are better than I have but I want to see them play a real team which they will three weeks in a row starting with Minnesota this week followed by Notre Dame and Iowa.

Just missed the cut, California (struggled too much with bad teams, must wait to see them against UCLA in 2 weeks), and Notre Dame (knew they were not as good as people were hyping, Michigan just played a terrible game against them, besides anyone that knows how ND works knew that after beating Michigan they would lose to the sparties the week after).

In other Michigan news Ryan Mundy is out for the year, it's a blow to our depth in the secondary, and he was one of the starters coming in this year. Rumors that the injury is Lawrence Reid type and may end his career, hopefully not true. This makes the need for another safety in this class that much bigger. With Steve Brown in the fold it was already known the coaches wanted to bring in one more but it is absolutely necessary now that Mundy's career may be over. Haven't heard how Antwine Perez liked his visit to SC this past week so we will see, hopefully he will see the chance for immediate playing time and jump aboard as well.


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