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Westsider Rider

Monday, April 18, 2005

Summer is almost here

It was a weekend we have during every summer and it's almost here now. Started out with the Dodgers game on Friday, got off of work and headed for the game. Get to the parking lot and of course we gotta start with the baseball tradition of a nice 40 oz of Mickeys before the game, followed by some pounding of Coors Light cans in one shot. Sat in the bleachers with the other real fans and watched Derek Lowe pitch a great game, complete game, 3 hit shutout. Also Jeff Kent and Milton Bradley went back to back, and Derek Lowe got it done with the bat as well helping his own cause with 2 RBI's.

Had lunch with Nima and Prem on Saturday and then got a call from my brother that we were having a BBQ so I went to the market to buy some beer. Picked up a couple of 40 oz's of Mickey's and a 32 of High Life for King along with a case of Coors Light. By the end of the night, 2 cases and an 18 pk were done so 78 beers plus 4 40's and a 32, quite a bit of drinking. Got crunked, and then me being the bitch that I am passed out first but it was still a great day.

Woke up early as hell on Sunday because of my early exit on Saturday and then went to the gym and cleaned up the mess left over. Had lunch with Nima, Prem, Steven and Jason and then got a nice card game together, which included my first ever win with the hammer. Good solid weekend and I can't wait til the next one with the NFL Draft and Graham's party on Saturday.


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