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Friday, March 25, 2005

Great Game, Terrible Outcome

Watched the Oklahoma St-Arizona game yesterday, it was a great game to watch but I needed the Cowboys to win for my bets and they didn't come though. Gotta go with the Wildcats now to beat the Illini because I think both of the teams match up very well with Illinois. Salim Stoudamire hit the GW jumper with 2.8 to play and Zona pulled it out. There's not many other players in college basketball I like watching play than Hassan Adams. He can do it all take it to the rack and bomb from downtown and he's so athletic he just makes plays.

Going to Vegas for the weekend hope I can carve the town up, considering I've never come back from Vegas a winner so I'm due right? Probably going to try craps for the first time and will hit up my new favorite game Pai Gow Poker, most people don't like it but I do because it suits my style more, its a slower game so I can't lose everything in one shot like other games. Will definitely try to get in some Poker cause we're at the Aladdin and I heard some good things about their games. Hope this time I will make it back in the black.


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