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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Back from Vegas

Still exhausted from the trip but I had a great time meeting up with all the boys again. Luckily on Friday I got off a little early and headed out with Marcus but still didn't make it into Vegas until about midnight where we met up with Richie since Mike, Nima and the rest of them went out to the club. Hung out with Richie for a while then me and Marcus went down to the poker room to play some 100 NL, I sat in seat 9 with Marcus in Seat 10 and we played for a few hours, details in poker blog. Then got tired of playing so I went over to see Mike shooting craps by himself, since I had never played before I decided to give it a shot, we were doing ok until other people saw me and Mike doing well and they jumped in and killed out table, walked away from that with a very small win.

Woke up Saturday morning and headed to the Bellagio to catch the basketball games but I was the only one in the front corner watching a small TV as I found the Regional Final of the Michigan-Colorado College Hockey game. We started out great and took a 3 goal lead in the middle of the 2nd period and then everything fell apart, we lost 4-3, the only time this entire season losing when scoring 3 goals. I was at a loss for words as this was supposed to be the year but that's how it seems it always is for Michigan. This year is always our year and we end up blowing it.

After the devastation of losing in hockey I went back to Aladdin and played some craps with Mike and we hit a good table winning a little bit but had a great time with a bunch of funny characters at the table most notably some white guy from H-town that had a shirt that said "Everything's dirtier in the South" and called himself "Spice" and a Chinese guy who just called himself the Wingman since that's what his shirt said. The table broke and we were told that Arizona-Illinois was tight so me and Mike headed to Blackjack to catch the rest of the game. I won a little bit, the story of my trip and then we went to dinner. Arizona ended up blowing the game and all our bets since we had AZ on the ML which was paying at +200.

Went to Blondie's in the Desert Passage at Aladdin and it was a great meal where I had a huge chicken which they said was 3 lbs, not sure if it was that big but was pretty damn big. After dinner Richie headed home. I played some Pai Gow Poker but it got real boring after a while, can't compare to the rush of craps. Won a little there and found a blackjack table that Mike and Pasha were playing at so I joined in, everyone else lost but I won a small amount then Mike and I decided to head back to craps. This time we hit the best table of the weekend, everyone was doing well and having a good time. There was a high roller that was betting minimum 100-200 per bet and a lot of points were hit, mostly the hard way which won a lot more money for the table. Cashed in black chip and left with a purple chip plus change, that was pretty cool. Although not as cool as the high roller which probably made about at least 10 G's during our streak.

Omar went crazy at roulette and lost all his money and the other guys didn't want to stay the night so everyone except me and Marcus left on Sunday morning which was like 4 am. Woke up on Sunday and then played a little bit and gave back some of the craps money from the night before and decided to take off. We hadn't eaten yet and it was about 2:30 so we decided to stop at state line and grab lunch. As we're taking off a guy tells us my back right tire seems to be a little flat so we fill it up with air and take off again. Then while in traffic while I'm merging lanes I hear something and Marcus looks back to tell me that the tire is flat. Great, sitting in traffic and we pick up a flat. Changing the flat was a chore in itself as it took forever to just get the spare tire out from underneath the car, terrible design by GMC. Finally we get the tire off and I start jacking it up only to find that Marcus told me the wrong spot and I had to do it again. Luckily we had a good laugh about it and were finally on our way only to encounter major traffic. All in all took about 7 hours to get home, what a nightmare. Luckily I came back from Vegas a winner for the first time ever and it was a great weekend. Can't wait to do it again, minus the flat and 7 hour drive home.

Also Final 4 set with Carolina vs state and Louisville vs Illinois. I like Carolina and Louisville in these matchups but wouldn't mind seeing Carolina and Illinois in the final. Carolina hopefully will be cutting down the nets, the only part of the Final Four I've gotten right this year. Let's Go Heels!


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