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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Crazy Games

The first weekend of March Madness has come and gone and it was insane, some huge upsets and brackets are busted all over the country. I know mine is messed up as 2 of my final four teams Gonzaga and Syracuse are out. Didn't end up too bad on the betting side thanks to Pacific, UAB and most importantly UW-Milwaukee. Since I have work now I missed a lot of games and it sucked. In addition I had a workshop for work on Saturday all day and night so I missed what many are calling one of the best tourney games in 20 years in the Wake Forest-West Virginia game that took place.

Going to Vegas this weekend so I can watch the Elite Eight and hopefully make some money there. Obviously I still like two of my original four in Oklahoma St and North Carolina, both looked impressive. What I especially liked about Ok St. performance was their best player Joey Graham was in foul trouble most of the game but Ivan McFarlain (sp?) stepped up huge and put up 29 or so. Southern Illinois played a great game and my hat's off to them. I found out while I was watching that Randy decided to go to Southern Illinois and start playing ball there, he did very well, everyone's new favorite player Randal Falker.

Hockey did pull it out and won the CCHA tournament as well as the regular season title. We did end up the #2 seed in Grand Rapids which is all we could have asked for. We are in the same bracket as Colorado College, many experts' pick to win it all but our semi-home ice advantage at Yost West should hopefully work out. I still like our chances to bring home another NC back to Yost. We open up with Wisconsin who did beat us early in the year but without a couple of our key guys. I expect us to move on the Frozen Four, this year in Columbus and bring back the title. How funny would that be to win the NCAA title in Columbus with all those stupid Buckeyes rooting against us, it would be sweet.


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