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Sunday, November 12, 2006

It is finally upon us

From the new ESPN commercial narrated by Brent Musberger:

A century so young already has it's game. Courtesy of an age old rivalry. They always meet this time of year, but never before like this. 1 and 2, a dream on the line, and America on the edge of its seat. Carve it in stone, that's where it belongs. November 18th, 2006, Michigan and Ohio State.

After weeks of anticipation Football Armageddon is here. Coming into this season I could have never dimagined this game happening like this with these implications not only for the Big Ten but for the country. The winner will be in the BCS National Championship game while the loser will most likely be in the Rose Bowl.

There was some doubt cast after two less than impressive performances by both teams but all those doubts were silenced after both Michigan and Ohio State made easy work of their opponents on Saturday. Never in the history of the rivalry have both teams come in as the #1 and #2 teams in the country and it will happen this week.

As soon as the clock went to 0:00 in Bloomington, I finally allowed myself to really think about this game actually happening. I could not believe that this is actually going to go down. I thought about how I'm going to feel getting on that plane on Friday to head to the game and how much this game means to me and the rest of the Michigan faithful. Later in the evening during College Gameday Final when ESPN showed their first commercial for The Game, the one that is quoted above, I got chills. There will be many sleepless nights this week in anticipation of the showdown. ESPN has coined this game Judgement Day, we all know what happened at our last Judgement Day in 97, only 6 days to go...


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