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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The return of the Lake Show

The Lakers return tonight with the season opener against the Phoenix Suns. There's a lot of speculation going on right now if Kobe will play or not. I heard him earlier this morning on Power 106 saying he would play, but then I just checked his website and he wrote a statement that makes it seem like he won't play. Who knows, I would love to see him on the court tonight but at the same time I'd rather not risk further injury and havin him sit out a week or so before coming back full strength. For those that haven't seen his new website it's pretty dope, KB24. Man seeing that still looks and sounds weird, it'll take me a while to get used to it.

Jones on the NBA has a good Lakers preview up, I'd say it's pretty much on point. I really believe that Andrew Bynum will step up these next few weeks with Kwame and Mihm out. He's really starting to show why the Lakers spent the #10 overall pick on him and passed on someone who could have more immediately contributed to the team like Danny Granger.

Really excited to head to Staples tonight, the energy at season openers is great and only surpassed by playoff games. As I've said before the Lakers are the only team that comes close to matching my loyalty to Michigan so I'm really pumped right now. Hopefully they'll give us something cool like the mini flashlight keychains they did last year. It's also supposed to be the introduction of the new Lights Out campaign that the Lakers have been promoting on their website. The lighting will be changed this year at Staples for Lakers games so more lights are focused on the court and less on the crowd which I love to hear. It will put more focus on the game and not the celebrities and all that stuff off the court. Also will hopefully put an end to those annoying people who have great seats but don't care about the game and call people to wave at the TV camera in the middle of the game.

My expectations are a little bit higher than they were last year. I think Jordan Farmar will give us a lot of good minutes to spell Smush and I love the pickup of Maurice Evans. Bynum will hold the fort down until Kwame and Mihm come back and I expect Bynum to start showing the rest of the league the potential he's shown us this preseason. I definitely expect the Lakers to make the playoffs and I would be disappointed if we did not make it out of the first round. Some may think I'm asking too much with this but with #8, I mean #24, it's gonna take a long time getting used to writing that, on our side, anything is possible.


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