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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Interesting note I heard this morning

Just remembered something I heard on the radio this morning regarding USC and Coach Pete Carroll. I know a lot of Michigan fans have always complained about the supposed focus on the Big Ten and getting to the Rose Bowl only and not thinking about bigger goals. Well one of the writers who covers USC was on the radio this morning saying that Coach Carroll does the same thing, his main goal is to get to the Rose Bowl and everything else will take care of itself. Not sure which side of the fence I completely side on with this topic but it was very interesting to hear as I know for years many Michigan fans have complained about the same goals that Michigan has and how there is a need to shoot for bigger goals.

It's interesting this year since most likely the loser of the Michigan-Ohio State game will be at the Rose Bowl. If you had told me before the year at worst we would be at the Rose Bowl what fan wouldn't have agreed to that? Still two more games to go before it though, hope Mario can get some reps in this week to shake some rust off and then let him play most of the IU game. I know this team is capable of getting the job done and pulling off an upset that most people out there don't believe is possible, just a few weeks left. Go Blue!


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