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Friday, November 10, 2006

What will the BCS do now?

Looks like the BCS will have another mess on its hands as the clear #3 Louisville fell last night to Rutgers leaving only 4 unbeatens, but with 2 being too far behind to make it to Glendale in the end it looks like there will be 1 major conference team unbeaten with a bunch of once beatens fighting it out for the other spot. There are so many contenders with so much football to be played I'm not going to look at all the teams and their chances but rather at what the BCS is going to do to change the system next year.

The BCS has always made changes after something went wrong with the system the year prior. So I wonder what changes will be made after this season. There's been polls added and removed, the importance of computers have been tweaked as well as quality wins thrown in and then removed as well. I really do not like the BCS and wish there were changes made but the problem is change to what? Some years the BCS works with only two unbeaten teams, that will not be the case this year which leaves numerous 1 loss teams fighting for one spot see Nebraska and Oregon in 2001, and Miami and Florida State in 2000.

I really don't have a groundbreaking solution for all of this, I would want it to go to a 8 team playoff or just go back to the old school bowl tie ins. There is already enough controversy and debate as it is with a supposed system that is supposed to end all that so why not go back to the old system and let each fan base argue for their team at the end of the year, they still do it anyways.


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