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Thursday, October 19, 2006

The New Big House?

MLive has pictures of the proposed renovations to the new Big House which will include private suites and club seats and I must say it does look sweet. All the pictures below are from the MLive site, you should definitely check out the rest of them.

Plans to be presented to the University of Michigan Board of Regents on Friday envision a remodeled Michigan Stadium heavily influenced by the brick face and large, rounded-at-the-top windows of the school’s intramural sports building.

I know there is some opposition out there but I am not amongst them. I believe these changes are necessary and will be good for our program as well. This is a completely untapped revenue stream for the athletic department and if we are going to continue the ban on advertisements in the Big House then this is one of the ways those funds will have to be made up. Football revenues allow other sports at the school to function so these opportunities must be taken advantage of otherwise the non-revenue sports would have to be scrapped.

In addition I think it would help the crowd noise issue considering a lot of the old folks that don't want to deal with the weather, people standing and cheering would be willing to fork over the money to sit in enclosed areas with other people like them who don't like to make a lot of noise. At the same time it would give more access to tickets and that is always a good thing because there is a great deal of pride knowing that Michigan has the largest stadium in the country.


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