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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Week 7 Top 25

1. Ohio State
2. Florida
3. Michigan
4. USC
5. West Virginia
6. California
7. Texas
8. Louisville
9. Tennessee
10. Clemson
11. LSU
12. Oregon
13. Auburn
14. Notre Dame
15. Rutgers
16. Georgia Tech
17. Missouri
18. Arkansas
19. Iowa
20. Boise State
21. Georgia
22. Wisconsin
23. Nebraska
24. Boston College
25. Washington

I covered most of this yesterday in my weekend recap so there won't be as many comments as usual. Florida becomes the new number 2 after beating LSU and now have two impressive wins on their resume at Tennessee and now against LSU, if they get it done again this week at Auburn and next week at Georgia I doubt I can be able to keep them out of the #1 spot.

USC continues to struggle against bad teams, this time at home so they fall. While California makes week 1 versus Tennessee look like a completely different team and we all know how much I think of the Golden Bears so take a jump up.

Arkansas is a completely different team than the one that USC thrashed opening weekend, wonder how they would fare now with Mustain and McFadden, probably a much better game.

Clemson wins a game it probably shouldn't have, shows that it's that kind of year for them they should do some big things.

Washington did lose to USC but they have been impressive in recent weeks and their other loss to Oklahoma was pretty close, they should be able to get to 7-8 wins this year which would be far ahead of what was projected for the Huskies.

Missouri with a big win at Texas Tech, looks like they are the frontrunners in the Big XII North. We'll find out how for real they are in a couple weeks when they take on Oklahoma and Nebraska back to back.

And to close Calvin. Johnson. Is. The. Man.


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