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Monday, October 09, 2006

Welcome to Michigan Zion Babb and Toney Clemons?

After the big recruiting weekend where good reports have returned for all recruits that visited it looks like there is one, possibly two commitments from the weekend. First there is the official commitment which has come from Zion Babb a DB/WR from Alhambra, CA. Rated a 3 star by Rivals, 4 star by Scout. It's been reported he is coming in as a WR but some feel he is better suited for DB, we will have to wait and see. But it is a good pickup nonetheless, as he had other offers from Cal, Nebraska and Oregon. I've said it before but I love getting CA kids out to Michigan and here's another one added to the list. I'll have to check out his school's schedule and if he's got any games close by I'll try to get out there and watch one.

The other rumored commitment is Toney Clemons, the WR from PA, cousin of Steve Breaston. Rated a 4 star by both Rivals and Scout and while he is graded on Scouts Inc as a 78. There is a large range on his position ranking though as Scout has him as the #8 WR, Rivals at #20 and Scouts Inc at #36. Pretty much Clemons is a silent commitment but will continue to take a couple trips while he can. We have gotten burned with silent commitments before, I'm looking at you Cameron Colvin and Nic Harris, but considering the reports of how much he loved the trip, as did his mom, and the ties he already has to the program he will be part of this class. After picking up only Mathews last year, throw in Hemingway with Clemons and wherever Maze and Babb line up, this WR class will be good.


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