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Monday, July 03, 2006

EDSBS Roundtable

Since I'm one of the few that have to work today and with no real work to do what better time to do another Roundtable, this one from EDSBS. I'll discuss the Lakers signing of Vladimir Radmanovic later in the week.

1. Education. List the region of the country you were born in, what universities you attended and at least one other you would have attended if your alma mater didn’t exist.

I was born and raised in Southern California and I attended the University of Michigan. I never really liked the local schools, except UCLA, but I knew I'd live in So Cal for the rest of my life so I wanted to experience something different for college. If Michigan didn't exist I probably would have ended up at North Carolina or Texas.

2. Sports Affiliations. List your top 10 favorite teams in all of sports in decending order. For instance, your alma mater’s football team may be number 1, but perhaps there is a professional team that squeezes in before you get to your alma mater’s lacrosse team.

1a. Michigan Football
1b. Los Angeles Lakers
2. Michigan Basketball
3. Michigan Hockey
4. Los Angeles Dodgers
5. Oakland Raiders
6. North Carolina Basketball
7. UCLA Basketball
8. Los Angeles Kings
9. Whoever is playing Notre Dame, Ohio State, USC, Nebraska or Tennessee
10. Georgia/Texas/UCLA Football

3. Movies. List the movie you’ve watched the most, your favorite sports related movie, the movie you secretly love but don’t like to admit it (possibly a chick flick or b film), and the movie you were (or still are) most looking forward to from this summer’s season.

Not really a movie person but the movie I've watched the most would probably be The Mighty Ducks. Growing up I was really big into hockey with Gretzky in LA and watched the movie so much that I ended up memorizing the entire script since I watched it so much.

Favorite sports related movie would probably be Rocky IV or Friday Night Lights.

Movie I love but don't like to admit: Can't Hardly Wait

Movie I was looking forward to: Nacho Libre, and it met my expectations.

4. Music. List your favorite band from middle school, high school, college and today. Also, as with the movies, include the song you secretly love but don’t like to admit. If Nickleback is involved in any of these responses, please give a detailed explanation as to why, god, why.

Middle School: Boyz II Men, Hootie and the Blowfish, Bryan Adams

High School: Tupac, Gangstarr, Wu-Tang Clan, Brian McKnight

College: DJ Quik, Tupac, The Roots, Jay-Z

Song I secretly love but don't like to admit: O-Town - "All or Nothing"

5. Books. Favorite book you’ve finished, worst book you’ve finished and the book you really should read but haven’t gotten around to it.

Favorite Books: "Holla If Ya Hear Me" a book on Tupac and "Fab Five"
Worst Book: anything I had to read for school
Book I should read: the GMAT Prep books that are sitting at home

6. Travel. Favorite city you’ve every been to and the one place you still must visit before you shuffle off this mortal coil.

Vancouver/Victoria Island, I think that's what it was called, went there a long time ago with my family but it was real nice.

Place I must go: Brazil, I second EDSBS's statement.

7. What do you love most about college football in 20 words or less?

The connection with my school, the unparalleled highs and lows that no other sport can match.


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