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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Go Blue Wear Maize?

There have been attempts in the past to get the whole crowd to wear Maize to Michigan athletic events, mostly unsuccessful. Packer487 over at the Blog that Yost Built has posted his thoughts on the subject. I completely agree with what he has to say, it would work a lot better if the athletic department just got a sponsor and handed out shirts as they have in the past at hockey games. In the past I was also reluctant to participate in these events. For football I have a Jarrett Irons / Brick Graham home jersey I purchased sometime around my sophomore year in high school that I wore for every single game since I become a student in 99. In basketball, although I always wore the Maize Rage shirt I still put on my road Tractor Traylor jersey over it, well halfways and for hockey I had the home white jersey.

I'm a very superstitious person when it comes to my sports, my friends will tell you they've seen me do a lot of stupid stuff just because I don't want to jinx my squads. For instance my sophomore year I wore the new laceless And1's without socks at the first game of the year so I told myself I had to do that the whole year. It wasn't such a smart idea during the middle of November when I was in the upper corner of the horseshoe freezing since I had no socks, at least we won that game and it made it worth it. Or how I would have to wear my authentic Kobe jersey and park in the exact same parking lot for every game I went to Staples Center the first year the Lakers won the championship.

That said I've gotten a lot better as I've relaxed on certain rules that I had. I used to not eat anything until after the game but that's just stupid. I pretty much ended that one after the 54-51 Northwestern loss where I starved myself all day and night and we lost. I also never drank at any point from the night before the game until after the game but my dad made me quit that one.

So now I'm ready to start my new jersey system starting this Saturday since the athletic department has encouraged everyone to wear Maize to games. It's gonna be weird being at the stadium without the Jarrett Irons jersey on but it hasn't worked in getting us to an NC yet so I'm making the change. For home games I will attend this year, most likely just Vanderbilt, maybe Iowa I have my Maize alternate #1 jersey that Nike made a few years back. The same jersey that my old roommate James told me never to wear in the stadium, he has now agreed that it is necessary for me to wear on Saturday. For all road games I am going to the Charles Woodson road jersey. For home games I watch on TV I'll bring back the #37 blue jersey and finally for the bowl game it is the white Tom Brady Orange Bowl Jersey.

Yes, I agree, I have way too much time on my hands when I've come up with an jersey system for watching Michigan football but it's what I do. I am getting extremely excited about Saturday's game, I cannot wait to be sitting in the Big House and see the team run out of the tunnel and touch the Go Blue banner. There is nothing like it, I know I'm not the only one that gets chills when I see it because it's just a beautiful moment. Got to finish up the loose ends around work today before I take the red eye to Michigan tonight. This is our year for redemption, I know this team can do it. Go Blue!



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