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Westsider Rider

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

It's almost here

In less than 100 hours I will be somewhere in that crowd directly behind the banner. After the disappointing 2005 campaign our chance at redemption is finally here. Got plenty to catch up on as the site has taken a back seat while I prepared for the GMAT. I'll have a lot of stuff to post before I take off on the Thursday night red-eye back to Ann Arbor, which will include my preseason top 20 as well as predictions for the upcoming year. Also I will unveil my new jersey system for watching games which will be the first time since I started as a freshman back in 99 that I change which jerseys I wear for watching games.

Things kept rolling along for the Wolverine recruiting class over the weekend as CA RB Avery Horn added his name to the list of commitments. I haven't had a chance to watch his video yet but it seems like a good pickup and I like it even better when we get kids from California. I'll post more later when work slows down.


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