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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

At a loss for words

I got a call from a friend yesterday afternoon telling me about Kobe's tirade on the radio and how upset/angry/frustrated he sounded. Then drops the other shoe today as Kobe tells Stephen A Smith he wants out and there's nothing the Lakers can say to change his mind. I'm one to say never say never, but at the same time I'm starting to brace myself for this. There's a lot that's gone wrong in Lakerland the past few years but I never thought it would come to this. There is so much that is running through my head right now about it that I can't fully post right now. I'll have something up later on it. But keep in mind as TrueHoop posted today: "It's going to be very tough to accomodate Bryant's trade request. My bet is that only a very small number of teams have anything even close to the talent, salaries, and cash to make a real offer." Just remember though Kobe's opt out isn't for two years so it's not as imperative to trade him as it was to Shaq who was going into the last year before he could opt out.



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