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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

R.I.P. Diego Corrales

Wasn't able to update yesterday but there was a sad story in the boxing world as Diego Corrales died on Monday night in a motorcycle accident. Ironically it was on the two year anniversary of his battle with Jose Luis Castillo, a fight that goes down as the greatest I have ever witnessed. I remember watching the fight because I had heard from someone that it was supposed to be a good one and it did not disappoint. It was the most action packed fight I have ever seen, fights like that are what turn casual fans into real boxing fans. After being knocked down twice in the 10th round, Corrales came back to TKO Castillo as the ref had to step in because Castillo was against the ropes and could not defend himself. Corrales was a warrior, he would go toe to toe with you in the ring. He challenged a lot of good fighters and did not shy away from any fight. Fighters like him are rare nowadays because he would accept fights against other great boxers and he was not afraid to just exchange blows with you. Because of that he immediately became one of my favorite fighters.

Corrales promoter Gary Shaw said it best in the article:

"He always told me he had to please the fans, and I should never worry about him getting knocked out. He would say they would have to carry him out of the ring. That's the way he fought. That's what made him so exciting."

For those that haven't seen it here's the 10th round of Castillo-Corrales I which goes down as one of the greatest rounds of boxing ever in my book.



  • I was really shocked by the news of his death. He gave us a lot of great boxing memories. He was a great fighter who displayed extraordinary courage in the ring. May he rest in peace.

    By Blogger merjoem32, at 2:35 PM  

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