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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

One opening left in 08

One of the two openings in the 2008 schedule has been filled as Michigan has announced they will play Toledo. The Rockets will be filling in the opening on October 11th, a week before traveling to Penn State. Knowing the philosophy of all athletic departments at major football schools we should know that the majority of these announcements will be announcing games against MAC opponents. Michigan believes that playing ND is enough for a non-conference schedule and will fill remaining holes with home games against teams that will play at Michigan for the payday. I have discussed previously my preference of mixing up the big non-conference game so it isn't Notre Dame every year, but it doesn't seem like many people agree with me. There is still one remaining opening in the 08 schedule on September 20th, the week after we travel to Notre Dame. Considering that 08 will most likely be the beginning of the Ryan Mallett era, I'm willing to bet that the opening on the 20th will also be another team from a non-BCS conference. I'm getting so excited just talking about football schedules, the season will be here faster than you think.



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