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Thursday, May 03, 2007

College Football Saturday Night

ABC/ESPN announced part of the schedule for Primetime College Football on Saturday night. Probably due to the lack of big time non-conference games this season's schedule none of the game stand out as OMG MUST WATCH!!! like Texas-Ohio State was last year but still there are some quality games, and I'm sure more will be added as the ACC, Big XII and Big East portions of the schedule have not been released. There is one major complaint I have with the schedule and that is the lack of games on September 8th and October 13th as the network will air Nascar instead. I was born and raised in Southern California so I have no idea how or why Nascar is so big. It is stupid and boring. Let's watch a bunch of cars drive around in an oval 500 times and see who wins. I don't care what game you put on, it could be a I-AA game for all I care and it would be better than watching Nascar, but that's just my opinion.

What has me really excited about the schedule is that two games that I plan on attending this season are on the schedule. Those games being the September 1st game Tennessee at California and the October 6th Notre Dame at UCLA. Michigan has one game on the schedule so far which is the October 20th contest at Illinois. I've always been a fan of night games because I think playing under the lights just adds more excitement and buzz to the game as most of the time it is a big time game so it is intensified. Granted I never want to see Michigan-Ohio State as a night game, but I wouldn't mind one day to see some night games at the Big House. With constant pressure from TV for Michigan to host a night game it wouldn't shock me to see one in the next few years, but I also know that the administration will try to hold it off as long as they can.

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