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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Let's see what you're made of Lakers

Been busy the past few days as I had a deadline approaching hence the lack of updates. We'll start with the Lakers as they had a big W over San Antonio on Sunday which ended their stretch of 16 home games out of 20 to start the season, 17 if you count the Clippers "road" game. They head to Texas today for a back to back set at Houston and Dallas. I'm realistic, I'll gladly take a split and then take the two home games against Houston and Washington.

This Lakers team is playing much better than I expected, as I especially love seeing Kwame Brown finally starting to play like we all know he is capable of. He is fighting for rebounds and taking the ball up strong to the hoop and slamming it home as opposed to just trying to lay it in like he used to. The aggressiveness is really paying off and if he keeps developing like this with Kobe and Lamar this team could really make some noise, this year. Yes I said it, the way the Lakers are playing I truly believe they are a contender this season.

Onto Michigan basketball after the disappointing loss to N.C. State in the Big Ten/ACC Challenge the team has continued to win games they should and currently stand at 10-1 after a 70-43 win over Delaware State on Saturday. This week brings another game that should be chalked up as a W against Northern Illinois before heading out on Dec 23rd to UCLA. Under normal circumstances I would be at the game without question but this year my parents have decided to make our family trip that weekend, but luckily it's in Vegas so that's good. UCLA is the #1 team in the country and there is no way I see us winning that game. I'd gladly take a single digit loss to them, although I don't even know if that is asking too much. Following the Bruins are Army and then Georgetown, which is a game IMO that we must win. It is at home and would go down as a quality win and considering the non-conference portion of our schedule we must have this one.

I've seen a roundtable for Michigan fans posted on other sites by the Conquest Chronicles which I'll get to hopefully later today.

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