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Monday, December 04, 2006

The highs and the lows

Growing up in So Cal unlike many people out here, I chose my sides when I was young and I stuck with them. Unlike a lot of people out here who will jump bandwagons as soon as they turn I picked my side and still live with that side to this day. I took my sides when I was young and so I still live to this day with Michigan first and foremost but for all the local teams I live with the Lakers, Dodgers, Raiders, Kings and UCLA. So even without the Michigan implications I would have been rooting like hell for UCLA on Saturday.

Unfortunately for me I had a work related golf outing that I could not miss so I had to miss the game. When I started off playing poorly I thought to myself fuck this I need to find out about the game, so for pretty much the back 9 I was on the phone with my brother going back and forth about the game. As I finish our last hole I get a call from my brother. UCLA had intercepted the ball with 1:10 to play. I couldn't believe it, it was actually going to happen. So I had gotten the proverbial two birds killed with one stone. USC had lost not only losing to UCLA, which made me extremely happy as it was, but then the road was paved for Michigan to get to the NC game. But I still had some worries about Florida so I made sure to root like hell for Arkansas. But the Hogs couldn't get it done so I had to sit and wait with the rest of the Michigan faithful.

My USC friends were saying there was no way we wouldn't get there, but I had my doubts. As I celebrated the night away but with some concern I woke up Sunday morning hungover and rushing to the computer to see what had happened. Then I read the bad news, we had gotten jumped in the coaches poll, the computers looked like they would be deadlocked and it would come down to the Harris Poll. At that point I knew it was done. So I had braced for it the whole time so I'm not as down as some fans, doesn't mean that I'm not hurting still but since it was somewhat expected. We're not the first to get screwed by the system and since it is in place until 2010 or 11 or whatever we won't be the last. Auburn, USC, Oregon among others have all been screwed by it so we will have to just take what happened and roll with it.

Looking at the bright side we're in the Rose Bowl! On top of that we are playing a team that I can't stand in USC so I am fired up about this matchup. Sure I'm worried about Jarrett, Smith and Turner, but if the UCLA front 4/7 got that much pressure on Booty, I am very confident our team will be able to match that production if not exceed it. Remember, this group of seniors came in as freshmen and played against USC in the Rose Bowl which we lost. Sure there should be some disappointment among them but I'm sure they will be ready to go on January 1st to try to avenge that loss and go out on top. So I encourage all the Maize and Blue faithful to make it out to Pasadena if possible. I know a lot of people planning on Arizona are now backing out because it's Pasadena but this team needs you. There will be plenty of cardinal and gold in the house for USC, we need to fill the Rose Bowl with as much Maize and Blue as possible.

Let's Go Blue! Beat the Trojans!



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