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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Kobe is a machine

Was planning to post yesterday about the recent ESPN.com article about Fantasy Football but didn't get around to it, that'll probably be up tomorrow. Will also post more about the Rose Bowl as our focus will now turn towards USC and not the BCS.

But first it has been confirmed Michigan will be the home team and wearing Blue at this years Rose Bowl. I love the way our blue uni's look but am somewhat concerned since the last two Rose Bowl's we wore Blue and lost, hopefully third time's a charm. I hope Nike continues to make the Bowl Game jerseys with patches as well. Also Michigan will be participating in the Beef Bowl on 12/27. All the talk about Lawry's has got me ready to go there as well. My SC friends wanted to get a trip together there before the game and I'm definitely gonna go. It is somewhat expensive but well worth it, we'll probably end up having our own Beef Bowl, me and my brother against the USC fans that I'm going with.

Brian at MGoBlog also has a great post up which I completely agree with.

Just as I was about to write about the Lakers on a roll, they go out and lay an egg against New Orleans/Oklahoma City and lose at home. This is the same type of thing that has always happened to the Lakers in the past. They will get up for the big games but play down to the level of their opponents in games they should win, see Milwaukee last week and the Hornets last night. Even with Kobe playing, when he wasn't supposed to they lost. This team cannot afford to blow games like this like the previous Lakers squads used to because every game will matter for playoff seeding.

Speaking of Kobe for those that didn't watch Monday, Kobe rolled his ankle and he admitted later it was pretty bad. But to prevent it from stiffening up on him, he didn't sleep. That's right, he said he didn't sleep:

Bryant said he had shunned sleep since spraining his ankle, instead standing and drawing the letters of the alphabet in the air with his right foot to "keep the motion going" in his ankle.

That is just amazing, at the start of the regular season for him to do something like that. Sure I could see it during the playoffs but during the regular season before they Lakers play the Hornets and Hawks Kobe is not sleeping? That is why he is my favorite player and just shows the dedication to the game that he has. He won't allow anything to stop him, it's only a matter of time before he brings that trophy back to LA.

Ned Coletti is doing a hell of a job as the Dodger GM. He is not afraid to make moves and I know I'm not the only Dodger fan that likes it. After signing Juan Pierre earlier in the offseason he made some big moves in the past couple days, starting with the signing of Jason Schmidt for 3 years and $47 million. Sure I think it's a bit high but it's only a 3 year deal so we're not locked in and screwed if something happens like with Kevin Brown and Darren Dreifort. He adds another great arm to this rotation and makes an extra pitcher or two expendable if Coletti wants to deal for a big bat.

To aid in the offensive portion of the team the Dodgers signed Luis Gonzalez to a one year deal. Sure he's not the big name that people wanted but I'm willing to take a one year flier on him, especially since it will give the young studs like Matt Kemp some extra time to develop in AAA.
I'd definitely have to say I am happy with the way this offseason is turning out. If Coletti can move Penny and some prospects for a bat it'll definitely be a great offseason. With what he's shown us so far I think he'll get it done.

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