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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

A few more days until we find out our fate

I don't recall getting as excited for a regular season game that did not involve Michigan like I am this week for UCLA-USC. Partially since I grew up rooting for UCLA and I've always hated USC and then add in the implications for Michigan and it's a big, big game. A lot of my friends who haven't seen UCLA much this year have been asking if I believe there's any chance they win this week and I gave them a definite yes. The Bruins are capable of winning this game, this is not the same USC juggernaut we have seen in years past. Just because they throttled Notre Dame doesn't mean anything, ND was overrated to begin with.

Bruinsnation has a great post with a great video on the top 5 reasons to root for UCLA over USC. Michigan fans will especially like reason #1. Also don't forget it wouldn't hurt to pull for Arkansas over Florida in the SEC Championship just to be safe, if the Bruins can get the job done.

Go Blue! and Go Bruins!


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