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Monday, November 20, 2006

Back from Columbus

Still recovering from the sickness, but definitely better than when I left. Not many pictures this time around, only some from pregame, nothing during because I was too into the game and didn't want to bring out my camera all the time. Where to begin, the first drive couldn't have gone any better as we marched down and took the first score. Then when I expected the D to lock it down and get us the ball back, gets marched down the field. I could not believe the D that we were witnessing. It was almost like Herrmann was back or something.

Missing Mario wiiidddeee open wasn't good, I wish we could have that one back. We didn't play our best game but we had our chances so I can't complain. Before the game I was definitely against a rematch but afterwards I'd be lying if I said I didn't want another shot at the Buckeyes. But I'm not too concerned about it, if it happens it happens if it doesn't I'll look forward to spending New Years in Pasadena and getting a W to finish as the #2 team in the country.

Other points about the game. On the drive where we turned over on downs on OSU's 33 yard line, if you know that's 4 down territory why did we not run the draw on 3rd down? The draw was working very well all game long and even if it only got 4 yards, it's still makes it a manageable 4th down at 4th and 6 or we could trot Rivas out there for a 46 yarder, and those 3 points were the difference in the end.

Who would've thought missing Willis Barringer would hurt that much, along with Prescott it definitely hurt. They attacked our weak spot effectively and there was nothing we could do to get to Troy Smith. Spread the field, quick passes there's not much we could do to pressure him.
I must admit fan behavior in Columbus has greatly improved. It was the fourth time I've been there and this was definitely by far the best I've ever been treated there. Sure there were your usual idiots running their mouths but that was to be expected. We got far more Go Bucks! cheers as opposed to the Fuck Michigan! that we're so used to hearing. Also a lot of good luck's before the game as well, although some were followed by "you're gonna need it." The only thing that got me very upset before the game was we were walking to the stadium through the Fawcett Center lot after leaving the student tailgate and there was this kid with a "No Mo Bo" sign. With his ultimate redneck dad standing there proud as hell, it was the most disgusting sight I've ever seen. After the game was more of the same a lot of Good Game's even some followed up with "hope to see you again in January."

Yes, I hope so too.


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