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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Week 5 Top 25

1. Auburn
2. Ohio State
3. USC
4. Michigan
5. Florida
6. West Virginia
7. LSU
8. Texas
9. Oregon
10. Louisville
11. TCU
12. Georgia
13. Tennessee
14. California
15. Notre Dame
16. Virginia Tech
17. Rutgers
18. Clemson
19. Oklahoma
20. Missouri
21. Boise State
22. Georgia Tech
23. Nebraska
24. Florida State
25. Wake Forest

Auburn moves back up to 1 after Ohio State's performance against Penn State was not that impressive. I had almost put Auburn back up to 1 after last week but decided against it, this week I couldn't do it any longer. The same Penn State team that got destroyed at Notre Dame actually led at halftime and was one drive away from potentially tying the game until Anthony Morelli decided to help the gamblers of the world out by throwing 2 pick 6's in the last 3 minutes to give the Buckeyes a backdoor cover.

West Virginia is still getting by on their schedule alone. Sure they are a very good team, but I'm not completely sold on them considering the trouble they had with a terrible East Carolina team that also held Steve Slaton without a TD.

Georgia falls after barely pulling the W out against a bad Colorado team that had dominated them through 3 quarters. I never imagined that could happen considering how good Georgia had looked and how bad Colorado was.

Cal rises as that was the type of team that was expected this year as they demolished Arizona State. DeSean Jackson showing the country that Mario Manningham isn't the only sophomore WR making a big impact for their team and he needs to continue to do so if Cal wants to challenge USC for the Pac-10.

Georgia Tech is a new entry because Calvin Johnson is the man as is Wake Forest who is 4-0 and just defeated the Orgeron easily in Oxford. Guess Schaeffer isn't really working out.


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