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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Week 2 Top 25

1. Auburn
2. Texas
3. USC
4. Ohio State
5. LSU
6. Florida State
7. West Virginia
8. Notre Dame
9. Florida
10. Michigan
11. Tennessee
12. Oregon
13. Louisville
14. Iowa
15. Georgia
16. California
17. Penn State
18. UCLA
19. Clemson
20. Oklahoma
21. South Carolina
22. Texas Tech
23. Miami
24. Nebraska
25. Fresno State

My top two stay the same but plenty of other movement elsewhere as strong performances push USC and Ohio State up to 3 and 4 respectively. Tennessee on the strength of their big win over the Golden Bears of Berkeley move up to 11. Yes it was a good win but I don't think it was big enough to move them up to top 5-10 status, much less #1. Correct me if I'm wrong, I was getting drunk during the game but I think both Meachem TD's could have easily been stopped after the catch but Cal got desperate and tried to make a big play instead of just making the tackle. Maybe it's just my west coast bias trying to cling to the hope that Cal can still beat USC this season.

Since I was gone the entire weekend in a drunken stupor probably not the best weekend to give analysis for a new top 25, most of this is going off of Sportscenter. But this Saturday I will be home watching every last game on Gameplan so hopefully I can form some more solid opinions after watching most teams play.

Games watched this week in its entirety: Michigan-Vanderbilt
Games watched partial : USC-Arkansas, California-Tennessee, Notre Dame - Georgia Tech, BYU-Arizona.


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