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Friday, September 15, 2006

The day cannot end fast enough

It always happens the week of a big game, time just seems to drag forever and it seems like Saturday will never come. Since I'm on the west coast my updates always come later so for those that are still sitting in their offices like I am there's plenty of reading to go around regarding the game. I've kept myself under control for most of this week but I'm starting to get revved up like any other Michigan fan for this game.

Things I expect, hopefully, to see tomorrow include Mike Hart having a big day, and setting the tone from the get go. Notre Dame has never faced a healthy Mike Hart and we know he is ready to go for this one. More varied passing attack, not just the screens we've been running I mean more of the waggle, plays that go over the middle and plays that go vertical to prevent ND from committing too many into the box. Of course, I also want to see a big W to show that Michigan is not going slip anywhere like other big time programs have had when they had a bad stretch of years like Notre Dame, USC, Penn State, Oklahoma, Alabama, etc.

That's all I've got because I have way too many things running through my mind at this point there's great stuff about the upcoming game all over if you haven't read from RBUAS, Maize N Brew and of course MGoBlog. In a few short hours I will be on that red-eye towards Detroit and my journey towards South Bend begins, there's been a lot of talk about this game but it's time to see it actually happen on the field. Michigan hasn't won a road opener in a long time and to add to that is the streak of losses in South Bend, I believe this is the year it ends, I believe this is the team that can do it. Let's Go Blue! Beat the Irish!


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