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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Add #7 and #8 to the list

With the Michigan Football Summer Camp underway it was only a matter of time before some commitments came out of the camp. Right on cue commitments were received from ATH James Rogers and CB/S Troy Woolfolk yesterday. Rogers had offers from Central Michigan and Colorado coming into the camp and took the Smokehouse Award as the fastest WR at camp. He does have good height at 6'2" but is listed at 165 so he will need to bulk up some but like they say you can't teach speed.

Woolfolk is a legacy recruit, the son of former Michigan RB Butch Woolfolk. Coming into camp he had offers from Houston and Nebraska. Although these guys are big name, top 100/250 kids they did have offers from some big name schools so it is not a complete shock that some have made it out to be. Both these guys have a lot of speed and performed well enough at camp to earn an offer from the coaches so I'm definitely glad to have them aboard. Welcome to Michigan to James and Troy. MGoBlog has a lot more on the two.

Back to some NBA talk, the Knicks have fired Larry Brown and named Isiah Thomas the new head coach. Just when you thought the Knicks couldn't do worse they have. Thomas is a horrible GM and a horrible coach, the Knicks continue to take steps backward instead of forward and it will not get any better with Isiah as the head coach. He has yet to make a single good move and the Knicks are past the cap so they can't do anything about it. Giving away Trevor Ariza, trading for Eddy Curry and losing the #2 overall pick in the process, you name it Isiah sucks as a GM and I don't think he's much better as a coach. Whenever I worry about the Lakers problems and how Kupchak doesn't make a move at least I can tell myself, at least I'm not a Knicks fan.


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