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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Good Way to Start

Korea opened up their World Cup campaign with a come from behind 2-1 win over Togo. It wasn't the walk in the park that many had thought when the pairings were announced. Most people only knew Togo as the sandwich place, not as an actual country. In the first half Korea played awful and after Togo scored in the 31st minute I didn't think they could come back to win if they were going to play that way. Fortunately that was not the case as Korea took it to Togo in the 2nd half. Aided by the red card that Togo's captain received the momentum completely changed as Lee Chun Soo hit the free kick that was awarded from the foul. Then Ahn Jung Hwan, the hero of the Round of 16 game against Italy in 2002, who entered the game in the 2nd half as a sub, drove home the game winner in the 72nd minute.

Although they did win there is some concern going forward if Korea can advance. Now they have the two toughest teams in the group left in France and Switzerland. The first half was poor and at times in the 2nd half there were mistakes that should not have been made. As Korea tried to run out the clock they gave up the ball a couple times which gave Togo a chance at the equalizer. I'm going to chalk part of it up to first match jitters and I think they will put out a much better effort on Sunday against France. A win would secure their place into the Round of 16 so hopefully they can get it done and not wait until the Switzerland game on the 23rd.

In Michigan news, Zack Gibson will be transferring to Michigan from Rutgers as he will be paying his own way for this year as he sits out due to transfer rules and then will have a scholarship for the remaining 3 years he will have of eligibility. Gibson is a former teammate of incoming freshman K'Len Morris and adds another big body to the team which will be good, you can never have enough big men. Welcome to Michigan Zack, glad to have you aboard.


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