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Friday, January 05, 2007

On to the next season

Yes I'm still upset, disappointed, frustrated, whatever else you want to say about what transpired on January 1st. What's done is done and we must move on now so the focus turns, mostly to the Lakers as well as Michigan's other teams (basketball and hockey) and we can't forget National Signing Day coming up in a few weeks as well.

The basketball team started off the Big Ten season with a big W over Illinois on Wednesday night. I have yet to see this team at all this season being that barely any of their games have been televised and when they were, like two days ago, I was still at work. Nevertheless I'm still following this team the whole way, hopefully we can get some things done this year.

The Lakers played a tough game last night up at Arco building a 21 point lead, then blowing it to the point they were down 4 with 6.7 seconds left but was able to tie it up and send it to OT where they took care of business and got the W. With the 21 point lead I was hoping to keep it at that level so the starters could get rested with the game tonight against Denver but that wasn't the case. The real infuriating part of the game was the horrific officiating crew. Sacramento got so many calls it was ridiculous and the Lakers got none down the stretch. How there is no foul called when Kobe drives with less than 10 to play is beyond me. At least they got the W, I would have been furious if we blew that game. We'll see how the team plays on the second night of a back to back at least this one is at home, but against AI and the Nuggets. I got lucky and scored some close seats to the game so I'll hope to get some pics up. I'll post the Rose Bowl ones as well when I upload all of them.

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