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Thursday, December 28, 2006

I thought the team had slimmed down this year

The Michigan total from the Beef Bowl last night was 612 pounds. That's a ridicuulous amount, especially considering its 100+ pounds more than the team ate two years ago and this team had slimmed down this season so I was expecting a lower number than before. The article states that Garrett Rivas had 4 cuts two years ago but only 2 this time. I've had one of those cuts before and it's no joke, I couldn't even imagine taking down 2, much less 4.

I'm heading there tomorrow for my own Beef Bowl with my friends from USC. If you're in town for a Rose Bowl and have a chance you should definitely go check it out. Food is a bit pricey but very good, IMO and there's a display when you walk in with pennants of the previous 3 Rose Bowl participants as well as signed footballs from both teams of the most recent Rose Bowl. I'll post some pictures if I can get them tomorrow.

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